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Designerliners Black Leopard Luxury Wastebasket Bags - Designer Home Accessory- 10 Pack - 17" x 19"

as of febuary 19, 2019
There is a Designerliners pattern to brighten every room in your home
Strong 1-mil thick and made in the United States
Affordable home decor; empty and reuse each bag several times
Designerliners are packed inside out.
Designerliners come packaged in a clear plastic outer bag.
Black leopard designerliners come in the 5-6 gallon, 17 by 21 inch size. Like all designerliners, the black leopard pattern is printed on the inside. To use, take the designerliner out of the package and insert it as is in the wastebasket or other trash container. Now, extend it over the sides of the container so that the pattern shows not only inside the container, but also on the outside. Designerliners will beautify any room in the home. Each package contains 10 designerliners. There is no need to discard designerliners after each use; for economy, empty the contents of the bag several times before discarding.
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