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Bean Bag Chair 4 20 Cubic Feet Premium Foam Inside a Protective Liner Plus Removable Machine Wash Microfiber Cover

as of december 09, 2018
20 Cubic Feet of premium foam filler in a chair that changes shape and size to conform to owners weight and sitting position
Durable double stitch construction cover soft to the touch machine wash Microfiber 40"x 27"x40"
Large Selection of Colors
Trusted Manufacturer Since 1971
Made in The USA
All Bean Bag Chairs are not created equal. Cozy Bean Bag Chairs are built for comfort and durability. Real comfort starts with the quality and shape of the Cozy Foam filler used in all our chairs. Quality materials, workmanship and design make a difference. Don't be fooled by vendors selling smaller imitation products using inferior materials. Compare before you buy. WARNING: This is NOT the light weight Styrofoam pellet filled beanbag from the 70's. The Cozy Sack foam filled bean bag is a substantial piece of furniture designed to engulf you in total comfort and relaxation. The cozy foam remains soft and spongy and will not go flat. The Cozy Bean Bag Chair will quickly become the most popular chair in your home which may cause disputes between family members.
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