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Animal Print Car Seat Covers: Tan Leopard - Universal Fit - Front - Buckets - Option for Airbag, Seat Belt, Armrest & Seat Release/Lever Compatible (30 Prints)

as of november 13, 2019
A set of 2, front, tan leopard car seat covers. Universal size fitting most vehicles with bucket seats. Covers the headrest and seat in one piece.
Please choose the "Semi-custom Fit" version if you want to MAKE SURE THEY WILL FIT your seats and if you need any of the following: Separate headrest covers and/or customizations for side airbags, armrests attached, seat belt holders, integrated seat belts and seat release/levers.
High quality velour material with a three-layered construction for durability. Foam padding for comfort and protection to the vehicle's seats.
Machine washable on cold cycle and drip dry. Do not machine dry.
We can also make a FULL SET with matching Rear Bench Seat Covers: Just search for product code "TCCSCFRUF45CO-3RHRC"
A set of 2, front, tan leopard car seat covers. Be sure to visit our storefront "Totally Covers" where you can find a huge selection of seat covers, in many colors and prints, to satisfy even the most demanding of tastes.
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