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BESSIE AND BARNIE Ultra Plush Aspen Snow Leopard/Blondie Shag Deluxe Dog/Pet Lily Pod Bed

as of may 20, 2019
Luxurious unparalleled soft fabrics
Custom made for your pet by your choice of two fabrics
Convertible (can be used in two different shapes)
Reversible (can be used in two different sides)
100% Machine washable (Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Air Dry /Do Not Iron)
Our lily pod is a smaller version of the cuddle pod. It is three products in one; the sides can roll over to form a bed; it can lie on its side to form a sleeping bag for those that like to Tunnel and it can be pulled open to form a blanket for those that want to nest. Lastly, our lily pod are Manufactured in the USA. Washable in cold water; tumble or air dry, but absolutely no heat to maintain the softness and texture.
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